The final section of the Portuguese Coastal Camino follows a beautiful trail from the seaside town of Baiona to wonderful Santiago de Compostela. Enjoy great views of the Atlantic shoreline, distant Islas Cies and sheltered waters of the Vigo Estuary as you walk along the opening stage. The Portuguese Coastal Camino then converges with the original Portuguese Camino in the town of Redondela and continues through sloping forested valleys and clustered Galician farmsteads. The fishing village of Arcade awaits, as does the magnificent historic city of Pontevedra, the spa town of Caldas de Reis, the symbolic settlement of Padron and, finally, wonderful Santiago de Compostela, the goal of pilgrims from medieval time right up to today.

Could you visualise the Portuguese Coastal Camino route as you read those word?

We want to give you an insight into the what makes this stretch of the Camino so special. You will receive detailed emails for each stage of your Camino which will paint pictures of the places of interest, from the great views of the Atlantic shoreline to the steeples of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Enjoy learning about the food of the region and why not have a truly authentic experience and try create these dishes for yourself, as we introduce you to the uniqueness associated with the dishes of Galicia.

Camino of the Body & Mind Portuguese Coastal Camino Walk 124km Route.

The full Camino of the Body & Mind is designed to be completed in 5 weeks, but it is not a race and sometimes it may take a bit longer. For the best experience we recommend it is completed within the 5 weeks from start to finish.

Stage 1: Baiona to Vigo 24km (Start)

Stage 2: Vigo to Arcade 23km

Stage 3: Arcade to Pontevedra 12km

Stage 4: Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis 22km

Stage 5: Caldas de Reis to Padrón 18km

Stage 6: Padrón to Santiago de Compostela 25km (Finish)


There are many reasons to do the Camino, some do it for religious or spiritual reasons, some do it to connect with nature, to experience a slower pace, to disconnect, to re-connect and to count our blessings in a different kind of way. As you know this is a virtual Camino with a difference, it is the Camino of the Body & Mind and takes into account our mental health needs as well as our physical. We have had a period in our lives that has been challenging on many levels and it is especially important we nurture our mind and spirit. Our selection of bespoke podcasts are designed to allow you to give yourself the time to consider this. At each stage you reach you will have access to one of these podcasts created by holistic and wellness coach Sharon Fitzmaurice. There is specific theme for each mindfulness stage and each one is marked by a symbolic Celtic stamp. These stamps are proof of your journey both mind and body and are recorded on your individual Camino of the Body & Mind page that you will receive when you register.  Proof of your journey is needed in order to earn you certificate of completion, your Compostela, which is given to all pilgrims who walk the last 100km to Santiago, and which will present to you on completion of your journey.


The Camino is a very special, personal journey, here is a quote from one participant, “To me…, (the Camino) is a very spiritual experience. It’s so much more than just a long walk. It’s about a community feeling, going back to that period when human beings had a sense of humanity and a sense of sharing”. Galway Rape Crisis Centre has been working extremely hard during the Covid pandemic to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of survivors of sexual abuse and violence in our community. There is no registration fee to participate in the Camino of the Body & Mind but we are asking that try raise a minimum of €250 by reaching out to your family, friends, work colleagues and social media community to help us continue to be there for those who need us. You can share your fundraising page easily through many social media channels including Whats App, and they can donate directly to your page, it’s amazing how quickly it all adds up!!

You will receive our Galway Rape Crisis Centre T-shirt that we hope you wear with pride knowing you are supporting sisters, daughters, brothers, mothers, sons, niece, nephew, fathers, friends and colleagues.

Tracking you progress

You can use Strava to automatically log fitness activites. There are lots of popular fitness apps and services (including FitBit) that you can use to connect to a Strava account. Track your progress on your interactive map, share with your family, friend and Camino Community. If you don’t use fitness devices and apps, you can log your fitness activities manually on your fundraising page. As you log your distance, you will receive all the wonderful information that will allow to fully immerse yourself in the unique experience that is the Camino.

You will have the opportunity to become part of our Camino Community, you can meet virtually with walkers and likeminded people and support each other and compare experiences as you journey individually but also collectively.

Have a question just email us at and we will be happy to help.

Bon Camino!